The Stuff

“Are you eating it…..or is it eating you?”

With a DVD cover reminiscent of a Fear Street book the Stuff is a 1985 horror movie in the spirit of the Blob and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. This movie has one of the best trailers of all time. Beware, the annoying commercial’s theme song might get stuck in your head. There’s actually a lot of reputable actors in this movie. Garrett Morris, Paul Sorvino, Danny Aiello, Patrick O’Neal, Michael Moriarty, Andrea Marcovicci, and Abe Vigoda.

Ice Cream Dude #1: “Are you sure we want to get mixed up with industrial spies?”

Ice Cream Dude #2: “Yes, I suppose we do have to keep the world safe for ice cream.”

A man sees some white goop bubbling out of the ground a’la the Bog of Eternal Stench and decides he’s gonna eat some. Surprise! It’s delicious! Now it’s the yummiest food in existence and the world can’t get enough of the Stuff.

Trouble is it turns you into….a zombie type thing. Sorta. Don’t get all excited because I’m not talking Romero-esque zombies here people. Director Larry Cohen was going for an Invasion of the Body Snatchers type of secret hijacking of an individual’s conscienceness and being taken over by an alien entity.

The best part in the movie is when Jason, an 8 year old boy who’s one of the few people who knows the truth about the Stuff, goes berserk in a grocery store. Sadly his destruction of the supermarket displays doesn’t last long enough. And where the hell did he get that baseball bat from anyway???

There’s multiple locations and displays of the Stuff in the grocery store scene mentioned above, take-out franchises, street corner vendors, one character almost gets run over in another scene by the Stuff van. Finally being sold like drugs by seedy dealers at the end. Fail.

Moe: “Everybody has to eat shaving cream once in awhile.”


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