Dragon Wars

Let me just say that whoever edited the trailer for this film is a genius.

The story goes something like this. Ethan (Jason Behr) is a a dude living in Los Angeles and Robert Forster, who plays an antique store owner, told him when he was a kid that he’s some reincarnated warrior who has to protect some Yuh-Yi-Joo, a reincarnated princess chick, from Buraki. Buraki is just an evil Imoogi with an army of dinosaur type creatures right now but if he eats the Yuh-Yi-Joo he’ll become a celestial dragon and I guess destroy the planet or some other such nonsense. It almost sounds like something out of DragonBall Z.

My favorite part is when Robert Forster tells the young Ethan the legend of the Imoogi, dragons in Korean mythology. The story is so rushed it’s no wonder the little boy doesn’t understand what the hell the weird antique store owner is talking about. Forster’s horrendous acting doesn’t help.
Bad casting, terrible acting, rushed screenplay, stiff dialogue, lame effects, stupid idea all around really. Director Shim Hyung-rae actually went over budget for the sake of the CGI. There’s a few laughable scenes with evil knights riding saddled dragon/dinosaur beasts, a failed attempt at an epic Lord of the Rings/Star Wars feel. Dragons with rocket launchers? Is that really necessary?

Another favorite part of mine is at the end when Sarah, the Yuh-Yi-Joo who Ethan’s been trying to save this whole time, dies and the good Imoogi doesn’t do anything about it. He’s like, “Yeeaah, I’m an all powerful celestial dragon now but I’m not gonna bring your dead girlfriend back to life. Pfffffft.”


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